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Preparation for the (first) visit at the dental office

You’re probably asking yourself: how do I best prepare my child for the first visit at the dental office? –You don’t need to do anything at all! The first visit is only to get to know each other. We explain to your child every step and discuss the further procedure with you. Especially if you suffer from dentophobia yourself, you’ll probably influence your child in a bad way even though you mean well. Avoid negations and formulations that mean well, such as “it won’t hurt - there’s no need to be afraid - you won’t have an injection”. Instead, use phrases such as “today, your teeth will be counted and titillated cleanly and there will be magic!” Most importantly: praise your child repeatedly!

Children are curious by nature and they look forward to gaining new experience. It is recommended that the treatment team proceed step by step, to ease your child gently into the treatment situation. Please remain patient, even if a treatment stretches to several sessions. A successful treatment benefits from a good cooperation between dentist and parents. Therefore, we ask you to remain in the background during the treatment. You are more than welcome to be present in the treatment room, of course.

Taboo words, which should not be used in any case, are:
injection, pain, fear, to pull a tooth, to drill, driller.


Medical Referral

Dear colleagues,

my staff and I love pediatric dentistry!
Treating an uncooperative child can quickly disturb the processes within your dental office. Such a burden stretches your nerves, costs time and a lot of money, too.
Referring those “interesting” children to us gives you the opportunity to focus on your own priorities. If you merely wish one explicit treatment – such as the extraction of a tooth among nitrous oxide sedation or the complete restoration of a carious set of teeth among intubation anesthesia - the patient will subsequently be referred back to you for further treatment. If you want to give dental matters of a child (until inclusively his or her 17th year of life) into our hands, you will later be able to take an adolescent with healthy teeth and without dentophobia back into your patient base – at least as far as we are concerned!

A certified, specialized dental office, we have the possibility to take care of very little or uncooperative children with high quality treatment. With elements from child hypnosis, the application of nitrous oxide, deep sedation and general anesthesia, we are providing all existing means to perform state-of-the-art pediatric dentistry under optimum conditions and at a high quality level.

Our range of treatments goes from semi-annual checkups and individual prophylaxis to carious therapy and up to the treatment of early tooth loss. Here, primary tooth endodontics, assembled children’s crowns, placeholders, or even prostheses for children are common therapeutic measures. At any time, it is paramount to obtain and maintain the cooperation of the children.
Benefit from the special features of our children’s dental office

The techniques mentioned above allow us to coordinate the therapy for each child individually and to be able to influence the treatment procedure on short notice.
An empathetic treatment suitable for children correlates with a considerable expenditure of time and support, which go beyond the necessary and economic support according to § 12 SBG V. The costs for this, as well as the treatment with nitrous oxide are not covered neither by statutory insurance nor private additional insurance. It goes without saying that we will inform parents about potential costs prior to the beginning of the treatment.

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