Philosophy of our dental office

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You´ve felt it, too, haven’t you? This eternal anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist?

Very often, bad experience in early years triggers dentophobia, a frequently life-long fear of the dentist. Dentophobia often results in time-consuming, painful and costly renovations! There’s good news, you can avoid the cold sweat! That is why we´ve specialized in treating children and adolescents. This period of life is crucial in the “dental destiny” of our patients and we dedicate our full attention to it. A lack of dental prophylaxis, diagnostics and therapy in this period will have to be rehabilitated with a much higher financial and temporal effort later. We try and establish a special relationship with your child to conduct reasonable treatment. To do so, we work with magic tricks, relaxation exercises, techniques of befuddlement, nitrous oxide, state-of-the-art media and many more tips and tricks.
You’ll be bewildered by what your child will be able to contribute and how much fun he or she will have!

Our motto: Appointments at the dentist’s are fun!

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Monday - Thursday:
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handicapped accessible

Our dentistry is on the ground floor

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Free parking lots guaranteed during your stay at the dental office

statutory & private health insurance

People with statutory and private health insurance are treated equally


We speak German, English, Russian, Turkish and Bavarian ;-)


Our practice rooms are air-conditioned